How to Make the @ at Sign on a Spanish Keyboard

How to Make the @ at Sign on a Spanish Keyboard

How to Make the @ at Sign on a Spanish Keyboard

I’ve been down in Ecuador with my wife for a few weeks now and we’ve been having a great time traveling to the beach, a farm, and spending time with the family.

Because I write and work via Internet, I often find myself in Internet cafes.  I had almost forgotten how frustrating it can be to type the @ sign on a Spanish-formatted keyboard, and computers vary across Internet cafes.

Here are 6 ways to type an @ sign if you are in Mexico or any other part of Spanish-speaking Latin America.  Try all of the options until one works for you.  Usually one of the first two options will work (or one of the third and fourth options), so you could just memorize options 1 and 2 or options 3 and 4.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + 2
  2. Ctrl + Alt + Q
  3. Alt Gr (the Alt key on the right side of the computer) + 2
  4. Alt Gr + Q
  5. Alt + 064 (Use the left Alt key and the number keypad to the right. The numbers on the top won’t work)
  6. Go to Google or another search engine, search for “aroba” (the word for the @ symbol in Spanish), and copy and paste an @ sign from one of the search results.

Note, I have tried these methods personally in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador, so I feel pretty confident saying that these methods should work in the rest of Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America as well. If you have another way, feel free to add it to the comments.  Happy travels and Internet-cafeing!

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